Connect your forms to tools you already use

Higher education data integration with Salesforce, PayPal, Google Sheets, & more

Integrations and pre-built connectors

Choose from several powerful connectors to amp up the effectiveness of your forms. Securely collect your data and get it into the systems that your university relies on—no coding required.

Custom HTTPS connector

Need to connect data in a way that goes beyond our pre-built integrations? Our HTTPS connector opens up multiple opportunities to connect with other platforms and tools.

Salesforce Integrations

Our Salesforce integration for higher education allows you to both pull data from Salesforce into your forms and push data collected through forms into Salesforce. This bi-directional integration means your higher education institution can improve the application experience while also saving work internally.

Salesforce Submit Connector

Create or update any standard or custom object in Salesforce.

Salesforce Prefill Connector

Prefill application forms and more with data pulled from Salesforce.

Salesforce Communities

Use Salesforce Communities authentication on your forms and embed forms in Communities.

Salesforce Files

Upload documents collected in your forms and store them in Salesforce.

Salesforce Chatter

Create Chatter posts from a FormAssembly form submission.

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

Use drop-down menus in your forms that pull options from Salesforce picklists or lookup results.

Payment Connectors

Do so much more than just collect data. With multiple payment connectors, you can easily gather application fees and other payments through your FormAssembly forms. With PCI DSS Level 1 Certification on all plans, you can rest assured that FormAssembly is keeping your data secure.


Collect secure, one-time payments through PayPal in your FormAssembly forms.

Make credit card and eCheck.Net payments possible in your web forms with


Collect one-time and recurring payments for applications and more with the Stripe integration.


Achieve Salesforce-integrated payments in your forms with FormAssembly’s Chargent integration.


Make secure credit card payments possible in your forms with the CyberSource integration.

Email Marketing, CRMs, & More

FormAssembly’s integrations allow you to turn application forms and other projects into full-fledged processes that trigger actions in other tools you use, such as Pardot, MailChimp, Google Sheets, and more.


Send web form data to Pardot drips, automation, and triggers for smarter data processing.


Turn applicants and other form respondents into Mailchimp subscribers with our integration.


Use FormAssembly web forms and the AWeber integration to sign up new newsletter subscribers.

Google Sheets

Send form data to Google Sheets for further processing and analysis.


Use FormAssembly web forms to gather signups for your instructional webinars and presentations.


Lock down form access with several authentication options: LDAP, CAS, SAML, and Salesforce Communities.

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